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They are terrible to work with. Won't respond to calls. Takes 2 weeks to clear lien after payoff. No cooporation. Will not do business or recommend to anyone.

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Well they write the lians for Route 23 Honda in pompyin plains nj and has tge finsnxe dept tell you that in ONE year you can refinance ur loan for a lower payment IS A LIE ALLY AUTO DOES NOT refinance for lower payments so now i hope to fond an auto lender to take over this loan BUYER BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM ALLY AUTO & esp Route 23 Honda their LIARS

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In reaching out to the customer service department to resolve my auto loan, I was in shock. I would expect this from an auto company that charges 25% interest on there auto loans. However, I spoke to the representative explaining my situation and why I need assistance and the representative totally avoided what I was saying and stuck to requesting funds. Now I never was late on any of my payments and wasn't in the 30 day bucket either, again I... Read more

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Ally bank opened my account. I then downloaded app and photo deposited my paycheck. On the following Tuesday I tried to log into my account but was unable...apparently my account was locked by someone named Kimmi. I immediately called customer service and though the rep was very friendly, she couldn't help me, but did tell me Kimmi needed more documentation which I sent in immediately. A few days go by and I have heard not one word. Nothing from... Read more

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Ally's customer service and all together service is awful!!! For 2 years I've never received a statement in the mail. I've called numerous amount of times letting them know I need a paper statement in the mail. I believe this is their way of getting late payment associated with your bill. This is absolute ridiculous and they would not remove my late fee. I've paid my loan in full just to get out of dealing with them. this was for a 5 year... Read more

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We purchased a car via Ally Financial, had always paid the note late, but was promised as long as the late charges were paid-Ally didn't care. Not true, due to a bank mix up, a late payment wasn't received by Ally. Ally didn't tell us anything different, then on a cold spring morning:Ally sent out an unlicensed repossession firm, then sold our car and billed us for close to $5,500 dollars. Since the loss of a job of nearly 20 years, getting... Read more

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Ally bank auto financing sucks. I made a payment online then set up an auto payment for the next month ( prompt me by asking this month or next) the same month it took another payment out. Which cause the ripped effect of bouncing 2 more checks plus bank fees. Ally said it wasnt thier fault and refusef to give me any money back for the bounced fee. But would cut me the check for the extra payment but it would take up to 10 days. They refused to... Read more

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Never again will I use this company again. They give you the runaround, things that should be easy to fix are not. They are useless and very unhelpful. Anyone reading this use someone else, run! I'm giving you warning. Just to pay on my account they are giving me such a hassle. Yes pay on my account, you think that would be easy since you are giving them money. Absolutely ridiculous! I am also sick of talking to people who I cannot understand.... Read more

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Financed my 2015 RV with them. I make my payments at least 7 days before due date. I pay more than the minimum due that is stated on the statement. On 06/08/2016, 11/02/2015 and 05/12/2015 my payments were not applied to any of my principle, only applied to the finance charge. The reason for this is because Ally calculates their finance charges based on number of days between payments. Not the payment due date. They charge me $11.89 per day... Read more

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Ally auto is so irresponsible. I paid off my vehicle after 6 years, a month and half ago but i didn't receive my title. I called them and they said they already sent it and to wait for few days. I waited for a week but didn't get the title. My vehicle was purchased in louisiana and i moved to maryland. They said now I have to go to louisiana to get the duplicate title and there's no way around it. This is so ridiculous. They didn't even mail the... Read more

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