I was talked down to and treated like a criminal by someone who probably isent even an American citizen!Why do we stand for this people, we are the ones supporting these under paid brain washed idiotic things that cause so much grief in our lifes when we are going through hard times!

We need to team up and take these little and big people to there knees by our numbers...we are after all the reason they have a job! I should not feel like a low life and a loser because I'm 1 month behind on a payment.

The people of this world need to take control of these companies!After all they are absolutely nothing with out us!!!!

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #800826

The way you talk about the customer service people reveals how you actually think and leads one to believe that you weren't very nice to them.


The point is you owe somebody money and they want their payment.How would you react if somebody owed you money and was one month behind?

I would be willing to bet you would want your money.You will have a hard time convincing me that you told the whole story here.

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