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I lost my job and am black balled in the community so have been struggling to find a new job.My hubby is disabled and we have 5 kids together.

I made very good money so I could support us just fine until this. So I fell two months behind. 3 as of Aug 1st (even though my payment date was due te 20th). So the car was sitting in my driveway with the keys on it because it's a lemon and I was waiting for the local shop to tow it.

The repo man showed up and I called Ally and they said I could go ahead and pay now and they'd call him off. He asked to talk to them and at that point put his fat a&$ in the car and told her he had it up on the lift. Lie. They didn't even bring a flatbed because he thought the car ran.

So then the lady at Ally says oh well then it's up to him whether he will release the car or not. Are you kidding me?!?! This guy gets more money for taking the car. He could give two $hits if I can pay or not.

So I just watched them pull away with that lemon. He made sure to hurl curse words at me and yell that I should be embarrassed for having my car repo'ed and not working (duh like I'm not already suicidal for being out of work). Then as he's saying I'm fat my hubby looks at him and says "she just had a baby what's your excuse? Oh my God you have Meth Mouth!" Sure enough the repo man had a mouthful of black teeth.

Obviously he was taking the car no matter what, he had a BIG habit to pay for. He definitely shut the *** up very fast when my hubby noticed and pointed out the meth habit. They wore no identifying info, showed up in a black truck completely unmarked. The young one told me he's from Wichita but got in trouble for telling me.

Wow. Well at the end of the day I'm glad they took the lemon, worried for the other drivers on the road with that Tweaker, and disgusted with Ally's statement that it is up to the repo man whether he will let me have the car that he claimed to have possession of but didn't.

Oh and he sat here in it for 3 hours while "going to get the flatbed they brought with them" which they actually rented from a local I haul once they realized the car was broken.Good god what a farce.

Review about: Ally Bank Loan.

Monetary Loss: $27000.

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